Pokémon Go is adding a new Mythical Pokémon to the collection, but it will only be available through EX Raids.

With Mewtwo now available to the public via Five Star Raids, a new, all-powerful Pokémon was surely not too far off for EX Raids. Many Pokémon Go fans had been making their predictions, those who went with the Mythical Pokémon, Deoxys were right on the money. Deoxys has arrived alongside the latest update, which focuses on Pokémon Go’s EX Raids. So far only the Normal Forme Deoxys has been released but has brought along an interesting development to the standard EX invite system. After battling in a suitable raid, you may be allocated an invite to a special limited time EX Raid.

Up until the latest update, this was a solitary act and caused much strife and jealousy amongst teammates and fellow trainers. This will never be a problem again as an EX Invite now comes with a Plus One for a friend or rival. This may have the downside that the rarity of the newly released Mythical will be diluted but has the upside of more trainers making the battle easier.

I completed my Kanto dex yesterday with my final Pokémon being a hatched Tauros, now all I’ve got left to go is the newest Legendaries and the last few unreleased ‘mons. How many more Pokémon do you need to complete your dexes? Stay tuned to n3rdabl3 for all your Pokémon and psychic, space virus new!

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