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Introversion Software have released another update for their prison management sim, Prison Architect, which introduces multiplayer.

Have you ever wanted to build a prison with your friends? Well, now you can. In an update which arrived earlier this week, players can test out the first version of the game’s multiplayer mode which will see up to eight players working together to build a prison.

As the mode is currently in alpha, in order to get the update players will have to enable it via Steam’s beta branches. For those outside of steam, the update will arrive on the builds page in the coming week.

Prison Architect‘s multiplayer mode currently works in Sandbox Mode where players can select “Go Online” and host a multiplayer lobby. These lobbies can either be public or can be password protected. Once joined, players will be displayed as a marker and other players will see what material or object they’re selecting and planning to build.

“This is our first alpha release of multiplayer mode, with a focus on getting the core functionality working. This means that some features are not currently available to connected clients and we plan on adding them over time as we continue working on multiplayer,” Introversion said in a Steam Announcement post.

Features currently disabled are Wire Connections, Deployment, Logistics, Intelligence, Emergency Callouts, Reports, Prison Grading, and Graphs.

This is actually a pretty neat update, especially when much larger prisons become more difficult to manage, players will be able to delegate tasks between themselves and keep things under control a lot easier.

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