Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been given another update on PC, implementing a new training mode as well as a host of fixes. Better late than never.

PUBG‘s latest update, thoughtfully dubbed Update 21, adds a new training mode takes place on a small 2×2 island. The new mode allows players to practice the game’s mechanics without fear of being shot from nowhere. The map includes space for players to practice the game’s vehicle mechanics, both on land and sea, as well as try out the title’s new and existing weapons and grenades at the various shooting ranges.

All of the maps in PUBG will get a new assault rifle, in the form of the MK47 Mutant. The rifle takes 7.62 ammo and takes a 20-round magazine. The rifle features both single shot and two-round burst modes and can take advantage of almost all assault rifle attachments, other than stocks.

The Sanhok map also gets a new exclusive vehicle: the Tukashai. A three-person vehicle, it’s slow but handles off-road conditions better than motorcycles.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds training mode map

PUBG’s Update 21 adds some more features, including an objective system, where players are rewarded for completing certain tasks during matches. These can include reviving teammates and damage targets. There’s also a new attachment in the form of a laser sight coming to rifles, which will improve accuracy at the cost of making the player more visible. The laser sight takes up the grip slot on rifles. Lastly, players will be able to place markers on their compass, which will also translate over to the rest of the team. This is intended to aid coordination between teams that like to be a little more spread out.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Objectives

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds will also be receiving the following bug fixes on PC:

  • Fixed the issue where, after connecting the XBOX controller to the PC, the drop-down menu would not appear to select the reason for reporting on the results screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the position of the character who boarded a car is fixed at a very strange spot
  • Fixed the issue of the character being shown in a different location.
  • Fixed the issue when a character is moving by vehicle, the character is created in an unspecific location
  • Fixed the issue where the weapon is shown in a different position than where the character is holding it
  • Fixed issue where the weapon of the person being spectated is not rendered, causing a problem when this weapon goes into ADS mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera zooms in when approaching a corpse while lying down
  • Fixed the issue where the camera temporarily zooms in and out when approaching a window with glass and throwing a throwable.
  • Fixed the issue where, on the Sanhok map, the character occasionally falls from the sky when situated at the very end of the sea.
  • Fixed the issue where the Bluezone timer UI occasionally decreased by 2 seconds
  • Fixed the issue where the character is shown choppy from top to bottom when underwater and unable to move to dry land because of the terrain.
  • Fixed the issue where you sometimes received more damage comparatively to other vehicles when driving a UAZ and colliding with a landmark.

You can, of course, read the full list of changes coming to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on PC over on the game’s Steam Community Page. This update comes just a few days after the 1.0 release of PUBG on Xbox One, so we’ll see how long these additions take to hit the console. I’m guessing months.

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