Blue Mammoth Games and Ubisoft have announced that Brawlhalla will be getting another, pretty awesome cameo, in the form of Rayman.

Following Ubisoft’s acquisition of Blue Mammoth Games it comes as no surprise that the company’s iconic armless and legless hero, Rayman, will be coming to the platform brawler. This follows the news that the game will be coming to Switch on November 6, the same date of Rayman’s arrival.

For those unfamiliar, Brawlhalla strikes a resemblance to platform fighters such as Super Smash Bros joining the likes of Rivals of Aether and Brawlout as one of the more popular titles.

Rayman will be joining over 40 other characters, so there’s likely something for everyone. In terms of move sets and weapons, Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth Games have yet to reveal what Rayman will come armed with, but it’ll likely have something to do with his fists.

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