Sea of Thieves‘ next big update, titled Forgotten Shores, has received a brand new teaser trailer from developer Rare.

The next big major content update for Sea of Thieves is set to arrive on September 19 and to give players a little cutlass-shaped poke, a new teaser trailer shows off some of the new additions the update will drag along for the ride.

Honestly, I do enjoy Rare’s cinematic trailers, they’re a little dramatic and bring the fairly dulcet world of Sea of Thieves to life. In the video, we get a look at the Forsaken Shores’ new biome, The Devil’s Roar, as well as a look at what may happen if players don’t pay attention.

We also get a glimpse at the update’s upcoming rowboats which will act as a way for players to avoid boiling to death in the Forsaken Shores’ high-temp waves, as well as a tour around Devil’s Roar. There are also a couple new cosmetics on show, before the crew meets their fiery end.

Check it out below:

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More details on Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores update can be found in our earlier post here.

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