A brand new trailer for Shazam is here, this time showing a much quicker rundown of Billy Batson’s transformation into the titular character.

While it’s great that we’ve got a new trailer, the footage within isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. The good news though is that it’s a much more condensed version of the reveal trailer packing together all of the “good bits”.

So if you’re looking for a quicker way to see Billy’s transformation into Shazam, or the parts where he discovers some of his superhero powers, then this is the trailer for you.

Check it out below:

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There is, however, a silver lining as a couple of images of both Zachary Levy’s Shazam and Mark Strong’s Doctor Sivana have been scanned in and uploaded to reddit. You can see those images below, though one slight warning, there is a potential spoiler.

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