The dynamic duo behind fantastic films like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, have released their first trailer for their upcoming comedic horror film, Slaughterhouse Rulez.

As you would expect from this team, the film looks just as hilarious and ridiculous as their previous ones. The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

“Welcome to Slaughterhouse, an elite boarding school where boys and girls are groomed for power and greatness…and they’re about to meet their match. This ancient and ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations – literally – when a controversial frack site on prized school woodland causes seismic tremors, a mysterious sinkhole, and an unspeakable horror to be unleashed. Soon a new pecking order will be established as the pupils and teachers alike become locked in a bloody battle for survival…”

Pegg and Frost have been long-time partners on multiple hit projects, the most popular being those that involved their work with director/writer Edgar Wright. While their first collaboration was the film Spaced, the team is more well known for their pseudo-trilogy.

Slaughterhouse Rulez Still

The three films saw Frost and Pegg take on different characters, while each film’s theme focused on a deconstruction of a familiar cinematic trope. The first, Shaun of the Dead, was a spoof of the ever growing Zombie genre, HoHott Fuzz was a play on the popular crime/detective dramas, and World’s End tackled the Sci-Fi theme while simultaneously pulling from films like the Hangover where a group of middle-aged friends look to reclaim their youth, while trying to save the world from Aliens.

Since then the two have worked on their own solo projects. Pegg, obviously most known for his work in the Mission Impossible and Star Trek series, while Frost grew one badass beard and joined the AMC show, Into the Badlands. While it’s been great seeing them both enjoy their own cinematic successes, seeing them reunite for a new film is every fanboy’s wet dream.

Slaughterhouse Rulez looks to take inspiration from either, or both, Slaughterhouse-five or Cider House Rules and sees the pair go back to school. The new movie looks to be the team’s own take on a combination between Tremors and Harry Potter/Deadly Class. Just like their other films, this one looks to be just as out there, but that’s what these guys do best, so I have all the faith in them to give us yet another cult classic.

Slaughterhouse Rulez is being directed by Crispian Mills which was adapted from a screenplay written by Mills and Henry Fitzherbert. Joining Pegg and Frost are actors/actresses Finn Cole, Hermoine Corfield, Asa Buttefield, and Michael Sheen.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below! Slaughterhouse Rulez premieres October 31, 2018.

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