Space Jam 2 has just dunked on the defense to bring itself back into the game.

The world is a vastly different place from the one Space Jam originally released in all those years ago in 1996. Smash Mouth hadn’t released “All-Star”, Jurassic Park did not have any sequels and there had only been six numbered Final Fantasy titles. Can you imagine that? If you want a window into that time, the original Space Jam website is still up and is a perfect online time-capsule.

We live in undeniably contrasting times, will R.Kelly return to teach us that he believes he can fly again? Will Bill and Brian Doyle Murray and Wayne Knight be cheering on from the sidelines and stealing the show? Will Lola Bunny be a sexual epiphany for another generation of moviegoers?

After years of rumors and misinformation, directors hired and fired we now have our first real confirmation Space Jam 2 is happening. Check out the amazing Insta below that reveals all.

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The masterful subtly of this Space Jam sweat is spectacular. If you were just swiping through your Insta Feed you may not even notice the monumental significance of the image. The names listed are B. Bunny (world famous animated hare), L. James (philanthropist and Basketball superstar), T. Nance (amazing actor, director, and producer) and R. Coogler (hot off his last gig as Director of Black Panther). That’s four of the biggest names in modern culture coming together for an animated Basketball movie.

If Space Jam taught me anything it’s to keep practicing those free throws and one day you will grow up to be Michael Jordan, while practicing be sure to stay tuned and take regular n3rdabl3 breaks for all your gaming, films and animated Basketball news.

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