Rebellion has this week unveiled a brand new hero for their co-op shooter, Strange Brigade, as well as detailing the upcoming DLC release roadmap.

In a brand new update that’s available right now, players will be introduced to a brand new character, three free new levels for Score Attack mode, and a free new map for Horde Mode.

For those who own the Season Pass for Strange Brigade, they can now join the action as Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan, an “ex-rodeo rider with an eye for danger and pots of gold”. His special abilities are “shocking” thanks to his Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet which lets him unleash huge blasts of electric on unsuspecting cadavers.

Bash is also available for non-Season Pass owners via the Texas Cowboy Character Pack on PS4, Xbox One and PC for £5.59.

As for that spiffing free content, players will now be able to try their hand at Harbin’s Dig Path, Hidden Valley and Tunnels of Wadjet Score Attack levels as well as the new Palace map for Horde Mode.

Strange Brigade Hidden Valley 2

Rebellion has also detailed the roadmap for upcoming Strange Brigade content as part of the Season Pass which includes a three-part “Thrice Damned” campaign. Oh, and each month there’ll be plenty of free content to keep non-Season Pass owners excited.

Check out the roadmap below:



  • Texas Cowboy Character Pack
    • Patrick ‘Bash’ Conaghan playable character
    • Wrath of Quetzalcoatl amulet attack


  • Score Attack – Harbin’s Dig Path II
  • Score Attack – Hidden Valley II
  • Score Attack – Tunnels of Wadjet II
  • Horde map – Palace



  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 1: Isle of the Dead
  • American Aviatrix Character Expansion Pack
    • Tessie Caldwell playable character
    • Internal Firestorm amulet power
    • Hyde & Sons compact pistol
    • Colbeck Wildfire submachine gun
    • Glacier Bomb special item


  • Score Attack – Stone Church II
  • Score Attack – Cursed Village II
  • Horde map – Tunnels



  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 2: The Sunken Kingdom
  • Japanese Naval Officer Character Expansion Pack
    • Hachiro Shimuzu playable character
    • Piercing Pestilence amulet power
    • Marchador TT pistol
    • Mikhailov-38 rifle
    • Shock Grenade special item


  • Score Attack – Cut-Throat Caverns II
  • Score Attack – Forsaken City II
  • Horde map – Chamber



  • Campaign Mission – The Thrice Damned 3: Pyramid of Bes
  • Maharani Huntress Character Expansion Pack
    • Anjali Khan playable character
    • Mosin-Nagant rifle
    • MP40 submachine gun
    • Freeze Chain amulet power
    • Cluster Grenade special item


  • Score Attack – Great Pyramid II
  • Score Attack – Afterlife II
  • Horde map – Void

If you’re still wondering whether you should pick up Strange Brigade, why not check out our review, where we wrote: “At the surface, Strange Brigade seems like a pretty straightforward co-op shooter, however, there are several nuances which make the game much, much deeper than first considered.”

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