Siberian game developer Cracked Head Games has announced their first foray into the survival horror genre, Silver Chains, coming soon for the PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

According to the developer’s website, Silver Chains is a story of a 17-year-old boy exploring his family’s mansion, where eerie and mystical happenings unveil a bloody history. A gameplay trailer reveals just some of Silver Chain’s dark environments, with all of the shadows and spooky sounds expected of a haunted house. Puzzle boxes, creepy phonographs, and mutilated baby dolls dangle by cords from the ceiling – certainly a promising look at some horror goodness to come. I mean hey, one of the items shown in the trailer were scissors, so if Clocktower is any indicator of horror success… Silver Chains appears to be in that same vein of “run and hide” horror that really cuts into those deep, primal fears (when done right).

Silver Chains screenshot 2

The video below does a great job painting the scene, but just how the game’s story pans out will be unveiled later, as everything is still in development with no set launch date. Silver Chains is the developer’s debut title, and so far it’s looking like they’ve already got that spooky vibe down pat. It’s among a number of haunted house exploration titles coming out next year, including The Beast Inside, so it’ll have some competition on the horizon. But the devs for this one sound pretty pumped to be making it, so my guess is horror fans have something to look forward to… or not look forward to, however it works for this genre.

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