Another blow has been struck to Telltale’s last surviving episodic adventure. The Walking Dead – The Final Season has been removed from digital stores entirely, with the season pass on the Nintendo eShop being the only remnant left.

This news comes shortly after the studio, best known for their episodic story-telling, laid off over 90% of their employees without notice this past Friday. Since then, the studio had announced it was trying to find funding in hopes of releasing the final two episodes in their last season of the Walking Dead. Episode one had released back in August while Episode two just became available yesterday.

While we have yet to hear an official statement from Telltale as to why the final season was pulled, CD Projekt Red’s digital store, GOG, had a note posted on the game’s page:

“Telltale has requested a temporary pause of sales of The Walking Dead – Final Season. For all up to date Telltale news, please refer to their official Twitter page.”

Telltale's The Walking Dead - The Final Season Screenshot

However, Telltale’s Twitter still has a pinned message stating that the final season of the Walking Dead was still available for download across all digital stores. It is still possible to purchase the season pass for the final season on the Nintendo Eshop, as well as Humble Bundle and the Microsoft Windows store though.

Sadly, none of the studio’s laid-off employees were given any notice, or severance for their time with the studio. Due to this, one irate employee has filed a class action lawsuit against Telltale for allegedly violating the California and federal WARN Acts. These laws state that employers of a certain size, any business that employs over 60 people, are required, by law, to give their employees 60 days notice prior to a mass layoff. In Telltale’s case, this absolutely did not happen and most employees were given only 30 MINUTES to collect their things and vacate the premises.

As a result of this, fans of the series have been having mixed feelings regarding the company’s attempt to push out the last two episodes of The Walking Dead – The Final Season. After the developer had announced it was trying to find a way to release Episodes 3 and 4 many took to social media stating that perhaps the company should focus on giving their fired employees severance instead of trying to push out the remainder of their game.

With Telltale currently operating with only 25 employees, the pulling of their final season from digital stores has left the company’s future looks even bleaker.

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