There’s still one month to go before Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season releases its second episode but we recently got a sneak peek to tide us over!

Our first look at ‘Suffer The Children’ focuses on a more serious conversation between Clem and AJ after she awakes from a nightmare. Awake and tense, AJ wields a makeshift knife and says he wishes he didn’t have to sleep because he feels safer that way.

As per usual Telltale gameplay, the trailer shows off some dialogue options; Clem can either be direct and ask about the knife or act more sweet and motherly and ensure AJ it’s safe to return to bed.

AJ explains he wants to do more and take some of the burden off Clem which shows some serious maturity considering the majority of the first episode was spent teaching AJ survival lessons and dealing with the consequences of his not-so-mature actions.

The clip may not address the ending of Episode 1 but honestly, what would be the fun of finally playing Episode 2 if you knew what happened? I for one am really excited to see where the story takes Clem and AJ next!

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If you haven’t played the first episode of Season 4 yet, go check out our review over here and if you need your TWD fix, check out the trailer for Suffer the Children down below.

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