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TGS 2018: Check out Yakuza Dev’s Newest Title “Judge Eyes”

The team behind the Yakuza series has been on quite the hot streak recently, and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon. Today during Sony’s Line Up Tour, before the start of the Tokyo Game Show, the Yakuza devs announced their newest title, Judge Eyes.

Judge Eyes has been promised to be a totally different experience from the Yakuza games we’ve grown accustomed to. It’ll have players assume the role of investigator/lawyer, Yagami-sensei, as he explores the criminal underworld searching for clues that could lead him to prove his client’s innocence.

It is anticipated to release in Japan this December, with a Western release coming sometime in 2019. Apparently, this title has been in development for around three years now, according to Toshihiro Nagoshi, the game’s creative lead.

Some gameplay has been released alongside the story trailer as well. It shows Yagami putting his investigative chops to the test. It shows him locating a person of interest, pursuing said person, confronting them and then chasing them down, which involves a flurry of quick time events in order to keep up with the fleeing suspect. The combat looks to be more familiar for fans of the Yakuza series, which involves taking on multiple enemies at once and engaging in hand to hand combat, complete with insane finishers.

Finding the right disguise to fit the occasion looks to be an integral part of the gameplay as well. The demo shows our hooded figure sneaking into someone’s office and snapping some pictures of what he thinks could be clues. Your main camera seems to be a phone, but there was a segment that involved a drone, so who knows.

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