During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show showcase, Square Enix announced a remastered version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles that’ll be coming to Switch and PS4 in 2019.

Linking four Nintendo DS link cables to a Gamecube and a functioning television is today virtually impossible without a crazy investment to anyone but the biggest Nintendo hoarders. Those wanting to experience the marginally beloved classic Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will hopefully never have to suffer this archaic problem again as  Square-Enix has announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition!

For those that are not in the know the hook of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was with the correct peripherals, it became a four-player adventure game. Each player creates a character, chooses their job and class and then set off on a life long journey with their companions!

I only every got to experience this properly once at a friends house and it was one of those awesome video game moments I have spent the rest of my life coveting.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Screenshot

Here at n3radbl3 we all welcome the seeming resurgence of same screen cooperative multiplayer games, however from the look of the gameplay featured in the reveal trailer Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles seems online focused. I pray to Ifrit and Shiva that there is the at least an option for offline multiplayer as to exclude that function is like rereleasing Final Fantasy 7 without Materia!

Gather your three best friends, crowd around the same screen and check out the announcement tweet and trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles below:

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