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TGS 2018: Project Awakening Announcement Trailer

Sony’s Pre-Tokyo Game Show showcase brought a ton of new announcements. Among them is the incredible-looking new Action-RPG from Cygames, Project Awakening.

While Cygames is mainly known for their mobile IPs, looking at you Granblue Fantasy, this PS4 exclusive looks to put them on the map as a serious action-RPG contender. The first trailer delivers some absolutely beautiful footage and even some gameplay of an unknown Knight taking on a monstrous dragon-like beast.

The only description we have so far states: “It’s time for the wolves of war to awaken.” While this is all we know, it is probably safe to assume it falls on our hero to take on this pack of “wolves”, whoever they may be… BUT, my money is totally on these ominous, shadowy-looking guys:

From the looks of it, there will be intense boss battles that involve quite a bit of traversal at the same time. The gameplay sees our hero constantly navigating his environment while also trying to keep tabs on the dragon hot on his tail which looks to add a very unique extra element to the encounter.

He starts in your typical arena-type setting but later clips show them fighting on the rubble above that location, and later still, the two tumbling down a hill. If nothing else, the guy can take quite the beating.

The trailer for Project Awakening leaves us with the above image, the hero stands, staring into the thick fog as colossal beings slowly emerge.

That’s pretty much all the details we know so far, but we can NOT wait to see more of this title in the future! Be sure to let us know your excitement/theories below and check out the trailer while you’re at it.

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