As part of their 40th Anniversary Celebrations the lovely people at SNK, have announced that Samurai Shodown is returning and coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 at some point in 2019.

SNK’s more violent, weapon-based, period version of Street Fighter seems to have been inspired by Capcom’s genre-defining franchise and stepped into the chunky three-dimensional world of Unreal Engine Powered console exclusives!

The seventh entry in the series has gone the Mortal Kombat route of forgetting the number in the title method rather than going with Samurai Shodown VII. Being thirteen years since the last release of a wholly new entry in the series I do not think too many people will be upset with another soft reboot.

The graphics look great but it is a shame that the traditionally drawn sprites have not been updated for today’s audience. SNK’s reign as King of Spriters is over. Check out the trailer below, stay tuned for updates on Samurai Shodown!

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