The Culling

Xiaviant has officially released The Culling: Origins, the new-but-old free-to-play version of their melee-based battle royale game.

The Culling has been through a lot this year. After releasing The Culling 2 – which was a colossal failure – Xaviant decided to go back to the drawing board, something players had been calling for, for some time.

With plans to make The Culling free-to-play and supported with cosmetic items and DLC, the day has finally come for all players to get their hands on what could be considered one of the original battle royale games.

“If you choose to spend real money, you can do so through paid DLC packs or premium currency in the form of Tokens,” the developer says on the game’s Steam page“Tokens allow you to buy Cull Crates and exclusive Premium Items. You can earn Cull Crates, which award standard cosmetic items, by simply playing the game. All of these unlocks are cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay.”

The Culling

Players can currently purchase two DLC packs which offer plenty of cosmetics, the Original Gangster’s Founders Pack and the FUNC Buster Starter Pack which cost £19.49 and £7.19, respectively.

So, now it’s free-to-play, will you be jumping into The Culling? Let us know in the comment below.

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