SEGA and The Creative Assembly have announced the release date for their upcoming strategy game, Total War: Three Kingdoms.

After being quietly pushed back to 2019, SEGA has this week announced that Total War: Three Kingdoms will be launching on March 7, 2019 and players can pre-order the game right now.

Those who do pre-order Total War: Three Kingdoms, buy it on day one, or within the first week on sale, will be considered “Early Adopters” and will receive the Early Adopter Bonus that is the Yellow Turban Rebellion Warlord Pack. This pack will add three new playable Warlords for the Grand Campaign, allowing players to lead armies of bandits, zealots, and commoners against the Han Dynasty.

If that wasn’t all, the pack also introduces three new hero classes – Scholars, Healers, and Veterans – plus new character virtues and skills built around the three tenets of Taoism: Frugality, Compassion, and Humility.

Finally, SEGA has announced that Total War: Three Kingdoms will be getting its very own Collector’s Edition packed with exclusive goodies including:

  • 24cm Guan Yu Statue
  • Exclusive Art Book
  • Premium Limited-Edition Case
  • Double-sided poster featuring campaign map & Warlord poster
  • Yellow Turban Rebellion Warlord Pack DLC – Early Adopter Bonus (Digital Content)

This Collector’s Edition will set players back around £150. A Limited Edition will also be available that’ll offer the Limited Edition case and double-sided map and Warlord poster detailed above in the Collector’s Edition.

Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Yellow Turban Rebellion.

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