Valve will start moderating reported comments on Steam. I know I know, I’m wondering what the hell they were doing before too.

As of September 25, Valve will start moderating comments and threads on steam that are reported by users. Reported comments will be reviewed by the platform’s content moderation team, who will now remove anything that violates Steam’s community guidelines. Developers that already moderate comments themselves can opt-out of the new system.

So what the fuck were the content moderation team doing beforehand? Probably assessing inappropriate dating sims. Actually, they’ve been keeping an eye on screenshots, artwork, guides, user profiles, community groups, and user reviews according to a recent blog post. Valve has been “hesitant” towards moderating comments, but it seems that feedback from developers has changed their mind on the matter.

So keep your chat clean, people. Valve welcomes discussion and community, it’s just looking to clamp down on the bullshit. Good luck to them, I fear they might need it.


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