has announced this weekend their competitive shooter, Warface, will be getting an open beta on Xbox One via the Insider Program.

Warface is set to land on PS4 and Xbox One later this year but before that, the game is set to hold a handful of beta tests. has announced that from September 13 through to September 17 players can access Warface’s Open Beta on Xbox One.

Testing began on September 13 at 2 PM BST and is set to end on September 17 at the same time. Players will need the Xbox Insider Hub app on their Xbox One where they’ll be able to access the game’s open beta.

During the beta, players will be able to check out some of the PvE missions, as well as the White Shark and Anubis raids. Finally, they’ll also be able to dive into the game’s many PvP modes.

Progress during the beta, unfortunately, won’t be saved, and as soon as the Early Access period begins, players will be required to purchase the early access packs to dive back into the game.

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