WildStar, the sci-fi MMO from Carbine Studios, is shutting down according to a new report from Kotaku. Fifty people will, unfortunately, be losing their jobs and the game will be shut down.

Earlier this week Carbine Studios staff were informed of the closure, though apparently, this had been a long time coming. Korean publisher NCSoft officially announced the news in a statement saying:

“Today, we are closing Carbine Studios and will begin the process of winding WildStar down to ultimately shutter the game. WildStar players who have spent money within the game will be refunded purchases from July 1, 2018, until the payment system is shut off. We are also in the process of identifying the teams that will be doing the work to bring WildStar to a close. These decisions are very difficult to make and we are in the midst of shifting as many of our teammates as possible into other roles within the organization.”

Founded by members of the World of Warcraft team back in 2005 Carbine Studios was purchased by NCSoft back in 2007. In 2014 they launched their first game, WildStar, attempted to grab the attention of MMO players launching first with a monthly subscription which it later scrapped for a free-to-play model in 2015 which had some success, however it looks like it failed to keep players glued to the game.

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