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Since the NES Switch controllers were revealed, fans have been clamoring for more info. Well, here’s an important detail!

Revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo’s new (or old?) controllers are more than just inspired by its classic controller, they literally are the classic controller, but with a wireless twist. Keen-eyed fans would have noticed that these new controllers are exclusive to members of the (terrible) Nintendo Switch Online service. We can hope that fans weren’t anticipating to play normal games with the $59.99 NES Switch controllers, as Nintendo have squashed that idea by listing two limitations of controllers.

“Please note: Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can only be used while detached from the Nintendo Switch system, and only to play NES – Nintendo Switch Online games. Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers can be charged by attaching to the Nintendo Switch system.”

NES Switch controller

Obviously, people like to be able to do what they like when they spend $60 on a product, especially when it’s a controller, and it’s a definite shame that you can’t even use the controllers if they’re connected to the console.

Are you disappointed that Nintendo is limiting what you can use the NES Switch controllers for, or do you think there’s actually some logic behind their actions? Let us know in the comments below!

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