Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that Bethesda is working on the third entry into the Wolfenstein series.

While Bethesda had plenty to announce for its Wolfenstein series at E3 2018, nothing was said about whether the game would be getting another entry. Sure, we got Wolfenstein: Young Blood, which is a spin-off of New Colossus, but what about a third full entry into the series?

Well, according to Hines in an interview with The Metro, it’s definitely happening.

“Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein 3,” he said. “They said on stage that they’re taking a break from the larger story to do [Wolfenstein: Youngblood]. But we all have to see how that ends.”

Of course, it’s a confirmation that a third game will be coming, but it’s a very vague confirmation. Will we be seeing the game next year or in a couple years time? Bethesda has a pretty extensive list of titles coming out over the next few months, from Fallout 76 to DOOM: Eternal as well as RAGE 2.

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