Third Anniversary Ahoy! World of Warships has had a spectacular first three years, evolving and expanding with their regular monthly updates. The third anniversary will be celebrated with a deluge of frequently requested features; including new game modes and possibly even a 5th class of Warship to (Das) Boot.

First up, a major redesign of the aircraft carriers class is on the horizon after the demand for nerfing came from fans. A complete overhaul has been promised for the much-maligned class. Coming in 2019 with a simplified user interface WORLD OF WARSHIPS LEGENDS is the console port which will offer more Commander focused gameplay with battles trimmed down to 9VS9 instead of 12VS12 and maps scaled down to offer faster paced, tighter gameplay.

Now for the most exciting news! A cursory scan of the World of Warships message boards most requested features will tell you that the fans have been clamoring for subs since launch and they are finally making their debut this Autumn. That’s right! The Submarines are silently creeping toward us like an underwater ninja. As has become a maritime tradition, Halloween will bring special PVE events featuring unique classes and original designs of ships and submarines. These fictional crafts seem to have been inspired by a Tesla VS Lovecraft theme, with biomechanical ships equipped with rusty tentacles going up against crystalline steampunk subs. If the community gets behind the submarine concept has promised to implement the new underwater class fully. So man the subs, boys and let them know what you think!

World Of Warships screenshot

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with my playtime of World of Warships and found it’s simple and tense battles to be fun. There is as much depth as you want with a free-to-play game, with around 200 researchable ships in 7 different nation-trees and over 100 premium and reward ships for players to purchase or unlock through gameplay! I would actually recommend this game looking for any fan of naval operations, classic ships or just looking to have a new gaming experience unlike any other (except World of Tanks). Stay steadfast on course for n3rdabl3 for all your nautical gaming needs!!

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