The early 2000s bought in an aggressive storm front of Shurikens and Kunais as Power Rangers Ninja Storm became the first major member of the Disney era of Power Rangers.

Ninja supremes in training Shane, Tori and Dustin are forced to become Power Rangers when the evil Lothor invades Earth with the plans to do nefarious deeds. Along the way, more rangers join the crew including tech support guy Cameron and the brothers Blake and Hunter who had been tricked into being villains until bought back on the path of good.

So with all that happening, and a monster a week, you better believe that at least four facts occurred along the way.

It was implied that the season was set in another universe to previous seasons

With the Disney era in full swing, the plan was to subtly imply that Ninja Storm was set in a completely different universe. This was done via Yellow Ranger, Dustin reading a series of Power Rangers comics which seems to depict the adventures of past teams.

It was also a big source of inspiration for the team’s heroics deeds. Though, this was quickly scrapped as proven by the Once a Ranger team up in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive a few seasons later.

In the subject of parallel universes, Power Rangers RPM and Dino Charge are set in different realities.

This season had the first official ninja theme

The reason I used the word official is that Alien Rangers was actually adapted from a Ninja themed Sentai but was packaged as being alien-themed.

The first proper male Yellow Ranger

In the past, the yellow ranger is usually a girl, even if in the adapted Sentai the Yellow Ranger is a guy. Good examples include Trini in Mighty Morphin and Katie from Power Rangers Time Force.

Dustin was the first male yellow ranger in the series. Good for him.

It was the first season to start with a three-man main team

Up until this point, teams tended to be a crew of five. Ninja Storm shock this trend of and trimmed it down to a crew of three.

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