It was literally the end of an era with Power Rangers Wild Force as The House of Mouse took the teens with attitudes into its domain.

Looking back, this was the season I think that lost me. Time Force had been such a good season, but at the same time, I was growing out of the franchise. Also, the animal theme at the time felt like a lame rip off of my beloved original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Though I digress. This season let’s see the animal-themed Rangers that consists of Cole, Taylor, Max, Danny, Alyssa, and Merrick do battle with Master Org and whilst this happening, four facts were found.

The first Disney-produced season

It was the first season under the leadership of Disney and the last one to be produced by MMPR Productions.

Though it led to the end of the first Saban era and through Wild Force doesn’t have the full vibe of a Disney produced season, it does feel different from its predecessors.

Power Rangers Wild Force Still

The Rangers used Mobile Phone Morphers

The belt buckles were out along with the wristbands as Wild Force got with the times and gave its team mobile phone morphers. What makes them looks so dated if the fact the phones are flip phones.

No Millenial will get what they are, y’know being so used to touch screens…

The Forever Red Team saw a big team up of previous Red Rangers

It was kind of like filling a bowl of Red M&M’s (the best color of course) as you saw every previous Red Ranger team up to do battle on The Moon. Of course, The Moon in Power Rangers looks more like an abandoned quarry.

Who were they fighting? A bunch of bad guys wearing the costumes from Big Bad Beetleborgs as they searched for Lord Zedds Megazord.

There was no Time Force team up

I guess you didn’t need a Time Force team up since you got a super special team up for this season but I would’ve been nice to see Wes and the gang again.

Have I missed any facts out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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