Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was all set to launch the game’s first live event this week which would see players scouring ancient Greece in search of formidable foes and Epic or Legendary rewards. Sadly, due to some sort of technical issues, Ubisoft was forced to throw in the towel and cancel the entire event.

Just last week Ubisoft had announced that Odyssey’s live events would continuously change between Epic Ship contracts and Epic Mercenary contracts. They called it “an opportunity to face challenging battles and earn Epic and Legendary rewards”. Apparently, these events were supposed to commence on October 16.

Everything seemed fine that day. Players hopped on and received an in-game notification stating that Damais the Indifferent, an Epic Mercenary, had arrived. Unfortunately, no matter how hard or far players explored the map, this first mercenary was no where to be found.

According to an inquiry made by Kotaku a Ubisoft spokesman did in fact confirm that “the production team is investigating and hopes to have more information on an ETA for a fix.”

Sadly there was no fix and the official Assassin’s Creed Twitter account, complete with apologies, confirmed the time of death for this week’s live event. But at least they tried to keep it fun…

“Rumor has it that Damais bailed at the very last minute. Apparently, he was intimidated by the idea of facing the misthios. He’ll give you a fair fight as soon as we track him down.”

Ha. Ha. I see what they did there.

It isn’t all bad news for now though, as the Twitter account also confirmed that the first epic ship contract was set to still drop on October 23. “Don’t let your guard down just yet, as an epic ship is expected to arrive soon. Keep an eye on the Aegean Sea”.

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