Firestorm, Battlefield 5‘s battle royale mode, is set to now launch in March, 2019, developer DICE has announced in a blog post.

DICE has revealed that Firestorm will kick off as part of new content coming to the game in March 2019 – that’s four months after the game launches. Why? No clue. It seems this announcement comes as part of the game’s post-launch roadmap.

In the post, DICE revealed that post-launch content will begin with Tides of War which launches around two weeks later. It’ll include the Panzerstoerm map as well as a single player mission called The Last Tiger, which has players experience the story from Axis perspective.

In December/January, DICE then plan to add the first part of the Practice Range to Battlefield 5 which will give players a chance to really play around with the game’s many mechanics including shooting, driving, and flying. This update will also bring vehicle customisation.

Battlefield 5 Roadmap

Next up, between January and March players will get the co-op Combined Arms feature as well as two new game modes: Rush and Squad Conquest. Finally, come March, Battlefield 5 will finally get its Firestorm update as well as the Greece map.

This is a pretty interesting move from DICE and EA as it’s likely that players were eager to experience their version of battle royale after the success of PUBG and even Call of Duty’s Blackout mode. I guess you’re just going to have to stick it out and hope the battle royale trend doesn’t die out between now and then.

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