While some fans are still pinning for Pauline to become playable in Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo has just announced the inclusion of another frequently, fan-requested favorite, Birdo! She is an All-Arounder play type joining Mario, Lugui, and Daisy.

Birdo made her debut in a villainous role in Doki Doki Panic, for the Famicom, as a sub-boss, beatable by chucking her eggs back at her. Doki Doki Panic became Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo has since become a Mario series mainstay. Similarly to all previous DLC for Mario Tennis Aces, players will have to compete in online tournaments if they want to unlock the prehistoric pink cutie before November 2018.

New characters are always being added by participating in monthly competitions or will be added to the roster the following month if the player does not join in. Koopa Troopa was unlockable in July, Blooper was unlockable in August, and Diddy Kong was unlockable in September. Hopefully, this will be the gateway opening for the often ignored reptile character to appear in future DLC for Mario Kart, Mario party, and (fingers crossed) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, perhaps as the Yoshi Echo?

Check out the trailer below served up from Nintendo and stay tuned to the always ace n3rdabl3 for all your video game and tennis news!

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