Xbox boss Phil Spencer has addressed some concerns about Crackdown 3‘s current state via Twitter adding that the game needs “more work”.

It honestly feels like we’ve been waiting forever for Crackdown 3, and with the recent delay to February 2019 we still have some waiting to do. But there looks to be hope on the horizon… kind of.

Speaking on Twitter, Spencer did reveal that he has played a “full” build of the game and that while it’s all coming together, the game still needs “more work”.

Crackdown 3 is expected to land on Xbox One and Windows 10 by February 2019. The game has seen a number of delays as well as a number of developers, however currently only Sumo Digital is working on the title.

Will the game be the big cloud-powered hit Microsoft has always touted it to be? I don’t know at this point, the game’s origins are a distant memory right now and the game we expected might not be the game we see at all.

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