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Discord, the social chat app for gamers, has today officially launched its own game store offering titles such as Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, as well as a handful of Discord Exclusive titles.

Back in August, Discord announced it’d be launching its own stores where players would be able to purchase games without leaving the app, as well as offering some Discord-first exclusive titles. Now, after months of testing, the Global Beta has begun and all players can start purchasing games through Discord.

The Marketplace has launched with 22 titles, including Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, Into The Breach, as well as five “First on Discord” titles, including Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, Bad North, and At Sundown.

Having quickly become one of the biggest frontrunners in terms of video game community platforms with over 150 million registered users, it makes sense that Discord would launch into the game selling space. Of course, this puts them in competition with one of the biggest PC distributors – Steam, however, with developers already willing to toss their games onto the Discord Store first, it looks like the company has something going for it.

Discord Store

Also, as so many gamers use Discord on a daily basis to interact with and game with friends, being able to purchase a title through Discord, to then play via a channel in Discord, and invite more friends through Discord stops the annoyance of launching six different programs in order to do one thing – play with friends.

It’s clear right now that the focus seems to be on indie developers, as there are yet to be any big titles from the likes of Ubisoft, EA, Activision, or Bandai Namco, however, that could all change in the future, though at the same time the focus here seems to be on curating titles which have a focus on community, or at least playing with friends.

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