DOTA 2 is making a move to alter its loot drops, now showcasing drop percentages for rare drop items.

Loot Boxes have been at the forefront of the gaming industry for some time now, with various opinions and options brought to the surface. One of the most common, and most supported ideas for improving the state of Loot Boxes with games is the transparent showcase of drop percentages, leaving players with full disclosure of their chances of winning desired items.

DOTA 2 is the newest game to make the move towards loot box transparency, with its most recent update taking the “opportunity to simplify and rework the way we calculate escalating odds for this treasure and going forward.” Valve wrote in a blog post regarding the update. Players can now “click on the escalating odds arrow next to each of the rare, very rare, or extremely rare drops to see the exact odds of receiving them based on how many you’ve already opened.”

This is obviously a positive move for players, allowing them to truly assess their purchase, but the motives behind the move might not be as they are presented. The move stops other forms of Loot Box control from being enforced, as well as disclosing the figures helping to combat the notion of Loot Boxes being a form of gambling.

What do you think? Is this really a positive move by Valve? Or is this change to DOTA 2 simply designed to maintain a revenue stream that’s under threat?



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