All Day I Dream About Saiyans, at least that’s what’s on sneakerheads’ and DBZ fans’ minds with the recent release of Vegeta-themed ADIDAS shoes.

A photo was shared on Twitter by the account @sneaker_wars. The design of the footwear is such that it mimics the style worn by Vegeta in the anime—the blue and white accented by a yellow section near the toes.

Stoking the coals of nostalgia, as well as playing to the hype of the current English-dub of Dragonball Super, which plays on Toonami block of the Adult Swim broadcasts on Saturdays at 9:30 pm, ADIDAS is slated to rock the fandom with even more incredible merch. Upon being released on September 29, the shoes sold out within minutes.

Vegeta isn’t the first, or last, DBZ character to come out with shoes. Goku fronted the run, naturally, followed by Freeza. Gohan ADIDAS shoes are set to have his release shortly, as well as Cell, Majin Buu, and Shenron in the near future. The limited shoe run is supposed to be reminiscent of collecting the seven Dragon Balls that award whoever gathers them with wishes courtesy of the magical dragon, Shenron.

With a slew of shoes set to be released in the coming months, every Dragonball Z fan can sport a pair styled after their favorite characters’, they just have to make sure they place an order before they sell out again.

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