One area which really stood out to me at EGX 2018 was the NFTS stand. NFTS is the National Film and Television school and within that school is a video games course of which all of the exhibitors of this stand were a part of. In this stand was a fairly simplistic game called Bee Kind from student Hannah Rose Burdett, and it was probably the most relaxing game I’ve ever played at an event.

Bee Kind is a game created with a younger audience in mind. It’s an educational game with simple touch controls with the intent to give young people an insight into why the common bee is so important to us humans and our survival. The game aspect is fairly simple, collect enough seeds to fill the garden with flowers so you can deliver a bucket load of pollen to the hive.

In order to do this, players are required to touch and drag to guide the bee towards flowers. When players find a plant, they simply fly through it to collect pollen and a seed which then allows them to plant more flowers in the garden’s many flower beds.

During play, players are given little facts here and there explaining why bees and the work they do are so important to us. This is also accompanied by a lovely, relaxing soundtrack which is accentuated with little notes here and there whenever players brush by an unbloomed flower.

Bee Kind Screenshot

Now, events like EGX aren’t really known for their quiet areas, nor is it known for being very relaxing. There’s noise, and lots of it, rumbling through the NEC at any given moment. But our brief time with Bee Kind, I found an escape. Sure, it helped that Hannah had set the game up with some fantastic noise-canceling headphones, but the game offered something other titles didn’t at EGX. I can imagine Bee Kind being the perfect game for parents to play with their kids helping them switch off for the day, while also chucking a bit of education out there too.

Did you know that bees make something called bee bread to feed the hive? I didn’t. But I do now thanks to Bee Kind.

With simplistic touchscreen controls, bright colours, a relaxing soundtrack, and spot on audio narration, Bee Kind is definitely one to watch, not only for little ones, but adults too. While the game was available on a touch screen monitor at EGX 2018, the idea is for the game to be available on tablets and mobile.

Speaking with Hannah at the event, she also mentioned that getting the game into museums would also be a logical next step as it’s an interactive and more modern way to educate young people – and it plays great, too!

To find out more about Bee Kind and the work that the team are doing, head on over to the game’s website.

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