Felix the Reaper has received a brand new trailer this week to celebrate the launch of the Steam page, encouraging players to add the game to their wishlist.

I honestly have no idea what Felix the Reaper actually is. It’s being described as a romantic comedy puzzle about the life of Death, everyone’s favorite collector of souls. But looking at the trailers, gifs, and images of what can only be described as a well-dressed bag of sand dancing around, I till have no idea.

The game is set to launch in 2019 on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac, and features “a completely original 3D shadow game mechanic”. This mechanic is used so that our dancing protagonist can complete his life’s mission of making people die. Why? Because Felix can only move in the shadows.

This means that in order for Felix to claim his victims, players will be required to turn the sun and move things around to create shadows. What about the romantic aspect? Well, turns out Felix the Reaper is in love with Betty The Maiden, so he’s become a part of The Ministry of Death in order to win the love of Betty.

Honestly, it’s all a bit mad. Check out the trailer below and head to the game’s steam page to add it to your wishlist.

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