Football Manager 2019 New Cover

SEGA and SIGames have unveiled some of the new features coming to the new-look Football Manager 2019.

Football Manager 2019 is set to come with a whole host of new features as the entire game is set to get overhauled. Already we’ve seen the game’s new logo and focus less on a “Football Manager” and more the player themselves when it comes to promotional images.

Now, in a forum post, SIGames has revealed a whole host of information on the game’s revamped features including a complete overhaul of the game’s Training offering new and tailor-made sessions and schedules giving players more control when preparing and developing their squad on the pitch.

The game will also feature a revamped Tactics module, which is set to offer the chance for players to create their own footballing philosophy with additional styles which reflect innovations from modern football. More details can be found over in the forum post.

Football Manager 2019 Screenshot

Football Manager is also set to feature VAR and Goal Line Technology, something which FIFA 19 is missing out on this year. Finally, there’s the implementation of the Bundesliga, and an all-new induction system.

If that wasn’t all, a brand new website has launched for the game bringing along the new branding. To read more about all of these updates and what they mean for the upcoming title, head on over to the forum post.

Football Manager 2019 hits PC on November 2, alongside Football Manager 2019 Touch and Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

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