A Change.org petition has begun calling for Epic Games to bring the dance from Little Big’s SKIBIDI into Fortnite.

Fortnite and its dance emotes have become pop culture sensations in themselves, with people from all walks of life performing these dances in both appropriate and inappropriate times. Even EA Games is looking to bring “Fortnite dances” into FIFA 19 after notable players were found using these dances to celebrate during matches.

So it makes sense that we’d try and call out the next dance to be added to Fortnite so Epic Games’ Dance Creative Team (not a real team) didn’t have to. We took to Change.org to start a petition for Epic Games to bring the SKIBIDI dance into Fortnite.

If you’re unsure what this dance actually is, or what the hell a SKIBIDI is, see the below video:

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Much like Gangnam Style, the song is ridiculous (and a bit of an earworm too) and the dance just seems like it was pulled directly out of Fortnite. But alas, it isn’t (and it needs to be). Plus, with Disco Domination LTM currently taking place, it makes a hell of a lot of sense.

So head on over to our petition if you too think Epic Games should add the SKIBIDI dance into Fortnite.

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