The Disney era continues with a season that kind of feels like a flashback to the Golden era of the franchise with dinosaurs and a familiar face returning… It harks back to the 90s as the Rangers are mostly teenagers and it was dinosaur-themed.

I keep thinking something else made it a throwback. Like a returning character. Someone who was really popular, had enough Morphers to make his own team… Oh yeah, it’s Jason David Frank, AKA Tommy Oliver, who high kicks his way back into the Power Rangers with his doctorate and high school teacher job.

At first, I didn’t recognize Tommy when the show first aired. It must have been the lack of long hair. Speaking of Tommy, we even have an evil White Ranger during the season who struggles to cope with the evil they did before they turned to the good side.

Anyway, Tommy Oliver joins the team along with Conner, Ethan, Kira and Trent to battle against the evil Mesog.

Tommy returns as the Black Dino Thunder Ranger

I mentioned Tommy returns for this season to scop up his first Black Morpher but did you also know that in his first scene he was wearing red as a nod to the previous role as the Red Turbo Ranger?

Also, this was the first Morpher that gave him superpowers? He was able to turn invisible like Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four.

Second Dinosaur Theme

Yep, it was the second season to have a full dinosaur theme. Of course, you had the Q-rex from Power Rangers Time Force but that doesn’t count so bite me.

The main Megazord that could function without all Zords

Finally, someone thought of is. No longer can the bad guys kidnap one Ranger or briefly do away with one of them and bugger up any plans to use the Megazord as Ethan and Conner could partially form the Megazord without Kira.

First Ranger team up of the Disney era

That’s right since Wildforce we get an old fashion double team up as the Ninja Storm Rangers teamed up with their successors to kick some butt and make some sparks fly.

Have I missed a good fact out? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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