Y’know how people outside of the UK find Doctor Who a wee bit trippy and strange? Well, Japan is not one to be beaten on that the delightfully strange front. Power Rangers Time Force sees the TARDIS and raises you a time traveling mecha who sends a mecha T-Rex back in time.

Power Rangers Time Force sees a franchise that aimed itself at kids and almost become as mature and as dark as your standard Prime Time grown-up offerings. From the future, a team of Power Rangers is sent back in time to retrieve a criminal mutant shunned by society and almost becomes a sympathetic villain.

A season of great designs for suits and mecha and some top writing, it’s easy to understand why Pink Ranger Jen featured so heavily during Shattered Grid. So what adventures do Wes, Jen, Trip, Lucas, Katie and Eric have?

They do have a few and as usual, they have four facts to go with them.

Power Rangers Time Force

This was the first season to use the same color twice in one team

That’s right you luck time traveling enthusiasts. You don’t get one red ranger… you get two. Well, technically one Red Ranger and a Quantum Ranger who acted as the sixth ranger.

But you know… he was red and the Quantum Ranger had a really cool entrance battle and all, so I’ll let it slide.

It featured the first Dino Zord since Mighty Morphin

The Quantum Ranger had his own snazzy sixth Megazord known as the Quantasaurus Rex or Q-Rex for short. It happened to be the first time a dinosaur themed Megazord had been used since the Mighty Morphin era.

Plans were made to have the show extended

Not since the original series had a show gone down so well behind the scenes. Talks were had about extending the show run and maybe another movie.

Sadly like the destruction of the Command Centre plans were scrapped in fears of a Screen Actors Guild Strike.

Time Force appeared again in The Power Rangers Hyperforce Twitch

When Zordon closes a door he opens a window. The Timeforce was featured again in Power Rangers Hyperforce which can be seen in its own Twitch Stream featuring Paul Schrier (Bulk).

Players of the game can play as rookie Time Force cadets trying to save the day.

Have I missed any facts out? Let us know in the comments!

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