At the New York Comic-con, Fox presented a 14-minute clip of the upcoming X-men: Dark Phoenix, which is set to tell the story of heroine Jean Grey’s transformation into the titular villain.

No, you are not suffering from de-ja-vu nor are you some sort of clairvoyant wizard, this story was told before in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. This time, however, Foxise trying their best to assure us that it won’t be shit, though one can’t help be suspicious since Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinsburg actually co-wrote the script for The Last Stand. Perhaps he sees this as some form of penance or maybe he just gets off to being publically humiliated.

Yes, we will soon be returning the X-Men world, the franchise who were doing the whole cinematic universe shtick before it was cool and don’t give a single shit about coherence and continuity. So, what did the new footage tell us about the new film? Fox gave us a glimpse of the moment where Jean Grey starts down her dark road to villainy: The X-Men are dispatched to save some astronauts from what appears to be a deadly solar flare.

They work together to save the stranded crew, with Cyclops slowing the ship down, Storm patching the ship up with ice and Nightcrawler teleporting the others in to rescue the astronauts. However, this all goes wrong when Jean Grey is engulfed by the solar flare and seemingly dies. Fortunately, the solar flare disappears and Grey is revealed to have survived. When she opens her eyes, however, we see a strange orange glow behind her eyes.

Dun dun DUN!

Dark Phoenix

So, Fox showed us the moment where Jean Grey turns into the Dark Phoenix, but does it tell us much about the film itself? Not really, but we can make some assumptions based on the origin of this movie. Firstly, we can be quite certain that Fox are going to try to make this as different from The Last Stand as possible. What didn’t people like about The Last Stand? Well, quite a lot of things, but the major complaint was the way in which important characters from the previous films were killed off in a way that felt like your school bully was in the director’s chair.

Like Cyclops do you? Guess what bitch, he’s dead. Awww are you crying? Haha, now Professor X is dead too! When I saw it in the cinema, I was genuinely worried that the cinema attendant was going to turn on the lights and give me a wedgie in front of the entire audience.  We can assume, then, that the most important character to die will be Beast’s pet hamster. At the very least, they will try to give actual weight to any deaths we see.

Personally, I’m really unsure of how Dark Phoenix will turn out. Michael Fassbender and James McCavoy are always brilliant as Magneto and Professor X, but I am not sure if Sophie Turner has the talent to be the lead. She’s not a terrible actress but she doesn’t seem to have the charisma required to pull off the terror the Dark Phoenix is supposed to inspire. X-Men films do tend to be entertaining even when they are terrible (just watch X-men Origins: Wolverine to see a great example), so it will probably be a fun, if not high quality, movie.

Check out the trailer if you want to see more. X-men: Dark Phoenix is set to be released on June 7 2019.

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