Who wouldn’t love a pair of sneakers honoring the seminal handheld Game Boy system? Freaker Sneaks, a company that specializes in customized and limited runs of sneakers, has unveiled just that.

Although the sneakers look amazing–the tongues of the shoes feature box art and a game screen from Super Mario Land, D-pad and A and B buttons that can be pressed, and even an Air Jordan cartridge hang tag that comes with the sneakers–they come at a hefty price of $1,350.

Even if you have the cash to pony up, you will have to move quick to ensure that you will actually get a pair. Freaker Sneaks is only making ten pairs of the Game Boy-themed sneakers.

This isn’t the first time that there has been shoe-related love for Nintendo’s legacy. Freaker Sneaks did a limited run of Super Nintendo sneakers too, and Vans now regularly releases Nintendo-themed sneakers, based on consoles, specific games, and specific characters, which are much more wallet-friendly.

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