Generation four has finally launched to hungry Pokemon Go hunters everywhere! This generation is filled with many fan favorites, from the flatulent Chimchar to the bewitching Honchkrow.

Unlike last year’s ghost type new editions, 2018’s staggered release seams following a similar path to the one taken by Lucus or Dawn with the early game Pokémon currently showing up; this includes the entire family lines of starters Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig, Kricktot, the new Pidgy equivalent family Starly and I’ve also seen a Buneary in my local area! All of these can be evolved up into some serious beasts.

Pokemon GO Screenshot

As of yet, there is no word on when the highly anticipated intergenerational evolutions will be live, as the shockwaves sent into the meta by Rhyperior’s inclusion will be heard throughout all the regions! There also hasn’t yet been any sign of the promised major changes to the user interface or any sign of player versus player but who knows what awaits us in the near future of Pokemon GO!

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