Battlefield 1 is set to headline November’s Games with Gold, Microsoft has revealed – is there anything else you really need to know?

I’m kidding, of course, there is. Battlefield 1 is an okay game at best. Sure, getting it for free is a plus, but you’re still missing out on all of the DLC content that EA has released since – and there’s plenty of it.

It makes sense though doesn’t it, considering on November 20 we get the launch of Battlefield 5, the game that’s not quite complete yet as there’s still half the game to come in its “content roadmap”.

So I guess if you want to experience the previous Battlefield before spending too much money on the next, then now is your chance! In addition, from November 16 through to December 15 players can download Race the Sun, which is honestly a far better title.

On the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, players can take a stab at Assassin’s Creed which launched in 2007 and will give players a glimpse at what the game was before Ubisoft ruined it. This title will be available from November 1 through to November 15.

From November 16 through to November 30 is a second EA title, Dante’s Inferno from Visceral Games.

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