Warner Bros. and Io Interactive have this week announced a brand new multiplayer competitive mode coming to Hitman 2.

Ghost Mode is a brand new competitive mode coming to Hitman 2 later this year that’ll have players face-off against one another in a 1vs1 competition putting their assassination techniques to the test.

In Ghost Mode, Hitman 2 players will be challenged to take down as many targets in a match as possible. Two players, both as Agent 47, will begin side by side as they race to take out the same targets faster, and cleaner, than their opponents. Much like the main game, players will utilize different weapons, items, outfits, and special ghost crate supply drops, in order to be crowned the ultimate Hitman.

The whole reason for the name, Ghost Mode, is due to players only seeing a “ghost” version of their opponent as they hunt the same targets but each exists in separate realities unaffected by the actions of their foe.

A trailer for Ghost Mode has been released, which you can see below:

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Ghost Mode will be available in Hitman 2 for the Miami Location at launch on November 13, however, it’ll be arriving later for the other locations alongside additional locations, post-launch.

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