A few days ago, Huawei officially launched a new family of mobile phones in the Mate 20 line. There are four phones in the family, but it’s the Mate 20 X that’s getting a lot of buzz, thanks to its gaming capabilities.

The Mate 20 X boasts a Kirin 980 processor and a 7.2 inch screen, beating the Nintendo Switch’s screen by an inch. It also beats the Switch in terms of graphics, with 1080p to the Switch’s 720p. The Mate 20 X even comes with a controller attachment that resembles one Joy-Con, as well as a stylus.

However, the Mate 20 X does have a much bigger price tag compared to the Switch: $1000 to the Switch’s $299. And, although mobile gaming is much bigger now than it has ever been before, it’s hard not to think of the N-Gage, Nokia’s disastrous attempt at a gaming-centric cellphone. One hopes, for Huawei’s sake, it at least does better than the N-Gage and other similar attempts did.

Although some members of the Mate 20 family are available right now, the 20 X will not be out until October 26.

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