Be prepared to ditch the $10 Kmart earbuds, because Kingston’s HyperX division is at work on a new and improved pair of headphones.

Unlike Sennheisers, B&Os, and other high-end headphones, which are geared more towards fans of music, HyperX’s Bluetooth HyperX Cloud Mix headset is the perfect pair of headphones for the nerd inside all of us.

Not only do the headphones have the capacity to be used for lengthy periods of time, 20 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode, but with the detachable microphone, as well as the internal microphone, users will be able to better make calls and be more immersed when playing games or watching movies.

Already out with low-fi Bluetooth headphones at last up to 30 hours, the HyperX Cloud Flight (which retails for $160), Kingston is set to disrupt the headphone market. Granted, the new Cloud Mix headphones are being sold at $200, but the price is to account for the new developments in technology.

In addition to dual chamber technology and 40mm drivers, the Cloud Mix headphones will be able to deliver sound all the way from 10 Hz to 40,000 KHz, effortlessly, when plugged in. Currently available at Best Buy locations, the Cloud Mix headphones will be available online and elsewhere in the near future.

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