Image & Form Games, the developer behind the hit Steamworld series has revealed that there are indeed some more Steamworld games on the way.

Steamworld Dig 2 was the latest game in the Steamworld series which first landed back in 2017. Since then, Image & Form and Zoink Games have joined together to create Thunderful an LLC that’ll own both companies. From here Thunderful has been hard at work making deals and acquisitions, such as Rising Star Games.

This has, of course, left people wondering whether Image & Form are working on a new Steamworld game, such as Steamworld Dig 3 or Steamworld Heist 2. So Image & Form have answered with this lovely little tweet:

Image & Form previously addressed the lack of any news in a developer diary in May this year. So it’s nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about the game.

I kinda just want something pretty damn soon.

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