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Mouse Support is now available for a select few members of the Xbox One Preview Program, Microsoft has announced.

After years of teasing mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One, it looks like it’s finally happening. After the initial announcement that mouse and keyboard support was being worked on, it’s been revealed that some Xbox Preview players can give mice a whirl right now.

Members of the Alpha Skip Ahead and Beta programs on Xbox One can try the new mouse support through a Quest found in the Insider Hub. Currently, mouse support is limited to Warframe, and of course, without a keyboard, you can’t really do that much, but it’s a way to experience the feature before it officially arrives.

The good thing is, any USB mouse will work for this which is a bonus. That being said when this feature eventually rolls out, it’ll be on a game-by-game basis so as not to muddy the waters with people playing with different configurations and possibly having an unfair advantage.

Games like Warframe make sense as it’s mostly a PvE title, however, don’t expect to find support in games like Call of Duty or Battlefield – at least, we hope.

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