HomeBearStudio has announced that their adorable point-and-click title, NAIRI: Tower of Shirin, will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on November 29.

After securing funding on Kickstarter, HomeBearStudio has been hard at work developing their upcoming title NAIRI: Tower of Shirin which tells the tale of Nairi as an incident forces her to abandon her rich, sheltered life, and finds herself in the seedy underbelly of the city. Here, Nairi meets former gang member Rex who accompanies her throughout the adventure as they uncover the mysteries of the Tower of Shirin.

“It’s been an exciting and creative time for the team developing a game with not only with a unique setting, and strong and endearing cast, but one inspired by many facets, including Japanese anime but also Disney Pixar. A synergy with so many ideas, strong storyline and tantalising puzzles, plus appealing to a wide audience with compelling gameplay has been our goal. We believe that we have achieved this through our love of the adventure genre. We wanted to offer something a little bit special – NAIRI: Tower of Shirin – is the result.” Joshua van Kuilenburg, founder of HomeBearStudio reflected. “NAIRI: Tower of Shirin is a point and click adventure puzzle game that offers up stunning graphics, engaging cast, superb audio, powerful narrative and puzzles that are a seamless part of the appealing storyline.”

Check out the latest trailer for the game below:

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