The Circle is the freshest reality show in town, this time that contestants never meet each other and only able to interact through a fictional social platform the titular Circle.

A winner is crowned with a £50,000 prize if they are the most popular and can avoid being voted off. The real hook of the show is that You do not have to be yourself and can take on any persona you want, so catfish away!

After last week’s shock results, fans of the creepy social media reality TV show ‘The Circle’ have been left wondering when they will be able to get another daily portion of catfish. Well, wonder no more Netflix is here to save the day again!

Netflix has plans to adapt the show for three separate countries explains Brandon Rigg, Netflix Vice President Of Unscripted Content:

“We think the show’s combination of modern social media interaction and competition will captivate Netflix members around the world, in multiple languages, and we’re delighted to partner with Studio Lambert and Motion to produce these three new local versions.”

Message to Group Chat: Don’t trust anyone!

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